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The Festival of Devasthanam Thiravellattu


The birthday of Lord Vishnumaya is celebrated as "Thiravellattu'.This day is most suited for the devotees to get their wishes fulfilled.The auspicious day for the next festival is predicted by God himself who perform dance on this day. The idol of founder priest sree Velumuthappan is also brought out from the Kushikalpam along with the idol of vishnmaya swamy. The Festival lasts for 9 days. Seven day musical programme is also held to please the God. The first kalam (magnificently decorated image) on the floor belongs to velu muthappan. The command of lord vishnumaya is that Velumuthappan should be adored first. From next day onwards all 7 kalams are arranged. The last day is the making if Lord vishnumaya's kalam . This is done with utmost care and dedication. T he devotees get all their wishes fulfilled and attain deliverance after seeing the full Roopkalam of Bhagavan. This opportunity is possible only once in an year . Then the God put his steps on the roopakalam which is consideredas the most sacred act. Afterwardes ,taking a bit of dust from this roopklam and keeping it at homes and worshiping is the custom follwed by the devotees.This ensures prosperity and rescue from all evils.

Kalamezhuthupattu Festival


During the period of Mandalakalam which includes malayalam month karkkidakam & vrichikam (july) only swasthika poojas are held. Before this poojas , kalamezhuthupatt programmes are also held in the month of midhuna &thula (November) . These auspeicious days are excellent for visiting the temple and to make offering and poojas. Collecting the dust from the kalam and keeping and worshiping it at a holy place in the house is considered to be auyspicious for it brings prosperity and scare away the evil spirits.

Thottampattu (Song in praise of Bhuvaneswari Devi)


After the completion of thiravellattu ,to please the mother of devasthanam Bhuvaneswari devi, Thottampattu festival is held. Kalamezhuthu (drawing and decorating of the idol on the floor) and taking out the idol in a procession playing traditional instruments and beating drums is also held on this occasion.

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